Problem with LightSquid Realtime Proxy Stats

  • Hi guys..

    I neeed your help.I am a new here.
    I am workiing pfsense on a hp server dl380 G6.I have installed Lightsquid 2.4.2 but i cannot get the real time stats.
    I 've already changed the External Cache Manager to the local ip but nothing happens.
    In addition I am trying to surf http://gui_ip/cachemgr.cgi but it returns 404-not Found.

    What else can i do?
    Thank you in advance.

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    There's no cachemgr.cgi enabled in Squid (You can search this forum for instructions, won't be added to the package for sure). Other than that, it'd help to actually follow the extremely detailed instructions in the LightSquid GUI. They just work.

  • You are right about  cachemgr.cgi.Mine confuse.

    I ve installed  lightsquid package by gui default.
    I ve already checked tab Proxy Server
    Log Store Directoy ->var/squid/logs
    hard Disk Cache System -> aufs
    Hard Disk Cache Location ->var/squid/cache

    Should i run Lightsquid Diagnostic from here ?
    What else?

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    Sigh… This just cannot be possibly true. Read the instructions in the LightSquid GUI - Settings tab! They are carefully hidden under "Instructions". Red bold letters. Very easy to miss.

  • Andddddd??
    Nothing happens..

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    Aaaand you STILL did not read the instructions… Argh!!! Move to 2b/ or use a maintained Squid version.

    :( >:( >:(

  • I had already added at External Cache Managers due to error at saving.

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    Yeah, I'll need to get my crystal ball fixed, how could I have missed that!  ::)

    So, here's the summary: remove the dead Squid 2.7 thing, install Squid3 and it will work, as already noted above. Squid 2.7 is dead, it's gone with pfSense 2.3 (thanks god). Noone tests anything with that. Noone will be fixing anything for that version. Noone cares about it. It's just as dead as a coffin nail.

  • Thank you doktornotor.You really helped me.
    Although you should be more kind!As you can see, this is my first post and yes i am N E W B I E!!
    I am not Hero Member! ;)

  • Hey newb!  Most of us has been poked by dok at least once, it's part of pfsense initiation.  :o  Just look at how much he gives to the community.  Very valuable.

    My Advice: pfSense is wonderfully open; find what works for your and make it work the best you can!  For me, it was keeping version specific, using limited packages and then thoroughly dog fooding any changes / updates before deploying to any sites.

    Good luck and welcome aboard.

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