Need opinions for package selection (pls move to /Packages forum…)

  • I need some opinions / guidance / advice on package selection.

    I would like to be able to see my WAN traffic usage, and be able to block some websites. I don't care about a web proxy. Should I use:

    • Squidguard (plus Squid3 in transparent proxy)

    • pfBlockerNG v2

    My other current packages are:

    • Snort
    • OpenVPN

    I'm leaning towards pfBlockerNGv2, as it looks so much lighter than managing a proxy and a proxy filter, and blocking ads would be a great feature. The only thing Squid offers above pfBlockerNGv2 is the ClamAV protection. I have not been able to find enough screenshots/setup guides on pfBlockerNGv2, which is the reason I'm asking here.

    woah wrong forum section I think .. sorry, admins.

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    pfBNG is not a content filter, but it does a good job of blocking full domains :-) I also think that you will find that ClamAV is not that useful of an Antivirus solution.

  • Thanks BB, I'm still leaning towards PfBNG. Content filtering is getting harder due to the HTTPS nature of things, so lists of domains + cron jobs from pfBNG will fit nicely. Yes I've heard the same about ClamAV not being very good, but hey, it's better than nothing, and it still helps in a multi-layered approach.

    I'll throw pfBNG onto a test install of pfSense and go from there. Appreciate the info!

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