IP Whitelisting in pfBlockerNG

  • What's the correct method for setting up a whitelist in pfBlockerNG?

    For example, I have configured pfBlockerNG to deny outbound traffic to Japan via the Top 20 spammer list.  My Onkyo receiver periodically phones home (to Japan) to check for updates.  It does its job and blocks the traffic.  In this example, what's the proper way to setup pfBlockerNG to allow this valid traffic for a set of IPs, while still blocking the rest of Japan?

    I've tried setting up alias' in pfblocker and specifying the list of IPs in the custom address field.  However, I just can't seem to get the rule order right.  I've tried all the rule order combination settings in pfBlocker, so guessing I must be doing something wrong somewhere.

    Here's my current order of rules on the LAN side using the default rule order setting in pfBlocker to give you an idea:

    <anti-lockout rule=""><pfb_lists for="" deny="" outbound="" rules. ="" there's="" a="" bunch="" of="" these=""><pfb rule="" to="" permit="" a="" custom="" list="" of="" ips=""><custom rule="" with="" schedule="" to="" allow="" traffic=""><custom rule="" with="" schedule="" to="" block="" traffic=""><default allow="" lan="" to="" any="" rule="">I find that when I change the rule order in pfBlocker, my "default allow LAN to any rule" trumps my custom block rule.  :(</default></custom></custom></pfb></pfb_lists></anti-lockout>

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    Create a new 'Permit Outbound' alias in pfBlockerNG. Then add any IPs that you want to allow outbound in the custom list at the bottom of the permit alias.

    If none of the defined auto-rule options apply to your setup, then you will need to use 'alias type' settings and define the rules manually.

  • Thanks.  I just went ahead and converted all my lists to the alias type.  Was a bit time consuming, but I now get the full flexibility to order the rules how I wish.

    After the most recent pfBlockerNG update, I did get some errors after the upgrade.  Appear to be benign, as I'm guessing the install removed the alias', then re-created them.  Errors appear to be from the firewall saying it couldn't find the alias name.

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    Yes, you can ignore those warning during a re-installation.

    During a re-install, all of the pfBlockerNG Aliases are removed and re-added at the end of the pkg installation. Since you manually added pfBlockerNG (alias) Firewall rules, there is a small window of time, where the pfBlockerNG alias does not exist, and you will get those warnings.  I don't have a workaround for that unfortunately.

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