• After being recommended pfSense and weighing up the hardware options I got advised that I could run pfSense on my server as a VM, seems a nice neat solution and (relatively) straight forward to setup. My only question is in every guide I've seen the LAN NIC is setup on the same switch as the VM Kernal interface. Is there anything to stop the LAN interface going on it's own stand alone NIC same as the WAN? I've got 4 physical interfaces available and I would like to setup:

    NIC0 - VM Kernal/VM Machines
    NIC1 - LAN for pfSense
    NIC3 - WAN for pfSense
    NIC4 - DMZ

    Is there anything wrong with this approach? Excuse me if it's a dumb question. NICs 0 & 1 would need to be on the same network of course, so I guess I'm saying can I use NIC1 to plug into my switch, dish out DHCP from pfSense to NIC0 (also plugged into the switch).

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