Vmware pfsense VLAN packet loss and interface errors

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    I have this issue with interface errors using pfsense to create a VLAN tag vs creating the VLAN Interface in vmware then assigning the Interface to pfsense.

    Scenario A:

    Create a VLAN tag in pfsense and assign it an interface and you will see after a while there's lots of out errors and I get packet loss about 4% on the interface and this causes issues on our network from time-to-time

    Scenario B:

    Create the VLAN on the vswitch in vmware then assign the new vswitch network adapter to pfsense, there's 0% packet loss and no out errors.

    I have to create more than 35 VLANS and vmware only supports 10 vswitch network interfaces per VM, I didn't want to create 4 pfsense VM to handle our network.

    I'm using VMXNET3 drivers and running 9000 MTU because we have 10Gbe network with the open-vm-tools package installed

    How can I get more details to trouble shoot this and is there any documented issues or solution/patch I can do to resolve this?

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