Vlan routing with virtualised pfsense

  • Hi folks,

    I've been doing some reading into vlans, level 2 vs level 3 etc etc etc!

    My understanding is, unless you get a level 3 switch which tend to be pretty expensive, most folks will end up with a level 2, and then need a router to route between them. Am I right so far?

    While this is all well and good, obviously we then put a lot of internal fast traffic through pfsense. Now, my question is really, if pfsense is virtualised, say with hyper v and a good Intel nic (Dell Intel PRO/1000 VT Quad Port Ethernet NIC) and a decent machine (ts140) will it be able to keep up at gigabit speeds? Is this something that vmware is better at as you can passthrough nics? In that case would you have to give the entire quad nic to pfsense?

    I'm just wondering really if I was to play with vlans would the traffic between them be slowed down, or would it feel hardly noticeable?


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    A layer 3 switch is not all that expensive… The cisco sg300 10 port gig switch can be used in either layer 2 or 3.. And is less than $200

    Shit.. Down to 130...

    I might have to pick up another one, and scrap that shitty netgear I have in my living room..

    There really is no reason to passthru the nic to your pfsense vm, to be honest that really defeats the whole purpose of virtualization..  And depending on the host your running the VM hypervisor it should be more than capable of routing gig of traffic.

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