Www/pfSense-pkg-squid v0.4.7 (2.3 only)

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    See PR 18 for changes. If you upgrade from 2.2.x, you will need to wipe the Squid cache using the GUI (Local Cache tab, "Clean Disk Cache NOW" button) since permissions have changed from proxy:proxy to squid:squid. No attempt to fix this automatically, because it'd probably fail anyway for lots of people with large caches.

    Regarding the ClamAV/C-ICAP integration - all permissions were switched to clamav user/group for the relevant directories, also C-ICAP will run under clamav user/group, no root:wheel any more. If you are upgrading just the package (and not pfSense 2.2.x -> 2.3 snaps), I would suggest to uninstall the old version first and then install the updated one.

    No bootstrap yet, so the "Real Time" tab will still look shitty, ditto for the AV widget. Other than that, it should work. (And if someone is bored enough to do the bootstrap fixes, you are more than welcome.  :P)

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