Outbound FTP from DMZ <-bridge-> WAN

  • I know this was discussed on the mailing list, but the user reporting the issue never got around to finding out if outbound FTP connections were working.  I have my DMZ interface mirrored to WAN and am trying to cvsup a couple of freebsd servers inside the DMZ.  I'm allowing outbound connections to tcp 21, however the cvsup connections are timing out.  Also, no log entries are being recorded about this traffic being blocked.  It just appears to go off into the ether.

  • cvs_sync.sh releng_1

    If you have this issue.

  • Ok so here's the deal.  After a lot of work with Geekgod we identified this problem and fixed it.  Anyone having problems with the ftphelpeer cvs_synch.sh releng_1 and reboot your machine.  Make sure that you have the ftp helper enabled on either your DMZ interface or your WAN interface and this should fix your problem.

  • Well, not the wan interface, just the DMZ.

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