Need hand holding for Reverse Proxy

  • Ok . . . so what I want is to be able to do and get to my monitoring vm.  Should be easy, right?  Not so much.

    Running pfsense on proxmox as a VM.  Have Lan (, VMNet (, & AltLan (  Lan & VMNet can reach the internet.  Lan & VMNet can talk to each other.

    I have rules in place so that I can reach proxmox from outside by specifying the port.  Works.

    I'm on Cox ISP, so port 80 is blocked. Port 443 is not (according to their docs).

    I have ipv6, and I can ping any ipv6 on my network.  I'm using Track to get v6 IP's to my network.

    I have a domain, it's registered.  I use freedns, and the updater in pfsense works for it.

    What I can NOT seem to do is get to do a damn thing.


    Reverse Proxy Server:

    Interfaces: Wan, Lan
    External FQDN <>Reset TCP Connections on Unauth'd Requests - checked
    Enable HTTP Reverse: Checked
    Reverse HTTP Port: 8080
    Enable HTTPS Reverse Proxy: checked
    Reverse HTTPS Port: 443
    Reverse SSL Cert: webConfigurator default
    (All other settings on this page blank/unchecked)

    Web Servers: See Pic 1
    Mappings: See Pic 2
    Firewall rule: See Pic 3

    What am I missing?


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