Crash reporter does not tell you what the problem is

  • The crash reporter seems to just give a stack trace these days. For example I was fixing up some stuff in system_gateways_edit.php and I put an ordinary "%" sign in a string of text, forgetting to escape it as "%%" and so it went wheels-up expecting a "%s" or "%d". The trace shows the correct line 861, but PHP used to also try to tell you how you had been a Wally in that line of code.

    Is there something we can do to get back the descriptive error/warning message?

    					Crash report begins.  Anonymous machine information:
    FreeBSD 10.2-STABLE #235 1b7c029(devel): Thu Dec 10 15:32:07 CST 2015     root@pfs23-amd64-builder:/usr/home/pfsense/pfsense/tmp/obj/usr/home/pfsense/pfsense/tmp/FreeBSD-src/sys/pfSense
    Crash report details:
    PHP Errors:
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP Stack trace:
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   1\. {main}() /usr/local/www/system_gateways_edit.php:0
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   2\. Form->__toString() /usr/local/www/system_gateways_edit.php:861
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   3\. implode() /usr/local/www/classes/Form.class.php:96
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   4\. Form_Section->__toString() /usr/local/www/classes/Form.class.php:96
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   5\. implode() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Section.class.php:78
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   6\. Form_Group->__toString() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Section.class.php:78
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   7\. Form_Group->_getHelp() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:135
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   8\. call_user_func_array:{/usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:98}() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:98
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:21 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   9\. sprintf() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:98
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP Stack trace:
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   1\. {main}() /usr/local/www/system_gateways_edit.php:0
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   2\. Form->__toString() /usr/local/www/system_gateways_edit.php:861
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   3\. implode() /usr/local/www/classes/Form.class.php:96
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   4\. Form_Section->__toString() /usr/local/www/classes/Form.class.php:96
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   5\. implode() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Section.class.php:78
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   6\. Form_Group->__toString() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Section.class.php:78
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   7\. Form_Group->_getHelp() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:135
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   8\. call_user_func_array:{/usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:98}() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:98
    [11-Dec-2015 12:35:52 Asia/Kathmandu] PHP   9\. sprintf() /usr/local/www/classes/Form/Group.class.php:98

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I believe that is coming from xdebug, might need some tweaks in php.ini (by way of /etc/rc.php_ini_setup )

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