Need direct internet access to the servers behind pfsense.

  • hi there,

    as i am very new to pfsense so like other new-bee i need answer of my problem.
    i configured my pfsense and its working fine only the problem i am facing that i cant get internet access to my freenas server which is on the LAN side and there is another server on the same LAN but for the internet access i need to authenticate through captive portal and then i am able to get internet access which is fine but i need internet access on that server without any authentication.
    for reference i am attaching my network diagram .

  • Enter the two server addresse in Services > Captive portal > > Allowed IP addresses.

  • thanks viragomann for your reply but unfortunately still no joy
    any other suggestion?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Maybe I am missing something here.. Why do you have it labeled admin and production when they seem to be on the same 10.1.2 network?

    Are you doing layer 3 at the switches?  Simple thing is not run a captive portal on segments where you have servers running that need access to the internet without user intervention to auth.

    So run the captive portal on the segment you have users on, and not run it on the interface you have servers on..  Or as viragomann suggested to put in a passthru for those machines.. It can be mac based, IP based, hostname based if for whatever reason they might change, etc..

    If your using IP to allow them through without auth and its not working, your doing it wrong or have the wrong IP.. Post up your captive portal config and your passthru method your using.  But again.. Why even run the captive portal on your server vlan/segment?

    edit:  Wait "i cant get internet access to my freenas server"  You want access from the public internet (WAN) to access your server..  That would be done with a port forward.. But then that server needs to auth through the captive portal as well..  Unless its on its own segment that doesn't do captive portal.

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