Why do I have to restart pfsense when assigning interface to OpenVPN?

  • Hi

    I've had this long standing issue across multiple versions of pfSense and different installs.

    The process goes something like this:

    • Configure OpenVPN Server (Shared Key)

    • Configure Client to connect

    • VPN Comes up. All Good.

    At this point I can ping the remote end.. it all works fine!

    But the next step is where it stops working. I create an interface on the server side and assign it to the OpenVPN interface and name it correctly.. and everything stops working. Nothing. The VPN tunnel shows as up but nothing works. I literally have to reboot it. and then it starts working.

    The same happens on the other side. I assign the interface to openvpn interface and everything stops working.

    I don't like have to reboot. :(

    Any ideas?

    It's worth noting when it's not working I can't even the tunnel ips.


  • Oh

    It might be relevent that I run pfsense as a VM on ESXi on both sites.

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