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    It bugged me (and others) that status->ipsec points to a page called diag_ipsec.php (for example). Why not status_ipsec.php? I have changed many file names today so that they better reflrct their place in the menu system. This involved not just the file names but links, actions, help links, privileges and more.

    Here is the full list of the changed file names. If you observe any problems, please report to Redmine #5628

    halt.php => diag_halt.php
    reboot.php => diag_reboot.php
    carp_status.php => status_carp.php
    diag_system_pftop.php => diag_pftop.php
    diag_ipsec.php => status_ipsec.php
    diag_ipsec_leases.php => status_ipsec_leases.php
    diag_ipsec_sad.php => status_ipsec_sad.php
    diag_ipsec_spd.php => status_ipsec_spd.php
    diag_logs.php => status_logs.php
    diag_logs_filter.php => status_logs_filter.php
    diag_logs_filter_dynamic.php => status_logs_filter_dynamic.php
    diag_logs_filter_summary.php => status_logs_filter_summary.php
    diag_logs_settings.php => status_logs_settings.php
    diag_logs_vpn.php => status_logs_vpn.php
    diag_pkglogs.php => status_pkglogs.php
    vpn_pppoe.php => services_pppoe.php
    vpn_pppoe_edit.php => services_pppoe_edit.php

    There may be more to come :)

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