[2.2.5] open-vm-tools not starting?

  • Hi, I've just setup pfsense and read around here quite a bit regarding this yet I still cannot get /usr/local/etc/rc.d/vmware-kmod to start without using onestart manually. It keeps saying I need to set the following in rc.conf (which of course is deleted each boot):


    Just for reference, I am installing open-vm-tools-nox11 and am checking the status of the tool with kldstat (which shows only the kernel). Any help in determining how to get these up and running from boot would be greatly appreciated.

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    Just for reference, I am installing open-vm-tools-nox11

    You should not be installing any such thing. Use the package from System - Packages.

  • Didn't realize this wasn't done via the command line anymore. Thanks!

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