Routing internet traffic through a client-to-site OpenVPN-connection

  • hi everyone
    i have one client that it out of my company and access to our server from client-to-site open vpn .
    i wanna make configuration that all of my clinet traffic route into openvpn and he see internet from inside of company and not any traffic of him route from his personal internet ?
    is it posible taht we route all traffic to open vpn . that mean route to openvpn
    and other question is how route internet traffic of  client from client site  to openvpn site ,
    i found this but its about site to site vpn

    and sorry for my incorrect english and grammer ;D

  • It depends on the particular client if routes can be pushed. Mostly this works.

    If so, check "redirect gateway" in server configuration and put a firewall rule to OpenVPN interface that allow access to any if it isn't already done by OpenVPN wizard.
    Ensure that there is an automotic NAT rule in Firewall > NAT > Outbound with your vpn tunnel network as source and WAN address as NAT address, otherwise add it yourself after checking "hyprid outbound nat rule generation".

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