What is the best way for remote control

  • Problem:
      I have a captive portal for a classroom.  I want to be able to give the teacher a simple program (bat file  that would make a smbset call) to enable and disable the captive portal for the entire domain without giving the teacher the password to the pfsense firewall.  I am running pfsense on an alix board and  therefore using the embeded version.

    Inital thoughts for a solution:
      I started out this evening to try to create a snmp mib  that would remotely call a script and do the same things that the webportal currently does to enable and disable the captive portal.  This obviously got nowhere fast since bsnmp doesn't support scripts.

    Next thoughts:
      Is it worth the effort to try to create a loadable module for bnsmp?  I don't really want to become an expert on bnsmp.

    Does it make sense just to create a daemon program that would acomplishwhat I want and not use snmp?

    Will 1.3 have the web interface broken up in such a way that I can just give the teacher password where she can control the one area without being able to break any other settings?

    I'm open to other solutions.


  • IIRC, 1.3 is supposed to be getting per-page user access controls. If you can wait, that should be the easiest solution.

  • you can create a php page to enable/disable this function and upload it on captive portal login page web server. I do this to multiple function/add on for captive portal. then u can simply call the function from web page. Just make sure the php page called captiveportal-????? so web server can serve it.

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