Pfsense Captive Portal Setup + Free radius + LDAP authentication to Clients

  • Hi all I'm making a setup like this on our office

    WAN<–--------ROUTER----->----Xenserver-----[Virtual Pfsense]–-----Switch---------Access-point
                          Switch------------LDAP Server

    I just wanna ask if it's possible to authenticate the clients who are accessing the internet by using their LDAP credentials to authenticate with the captive portal.
    Need some good advice on you guys to achieve this

    Thanks :)

  • First - I am NOT a windows person (I work mostly with networks and Linux/Unix).  Our Windows server person set up what I think you are looking for.

    They set up their domain controller to provide a Radius server.  Then depending on the settings in the domain controller, users could also be in the radius listings.  The radius listings contained user names and passwords.  Then when somebody was to authenticate by VPN on a PfSense box, the PfSense box would perform a radius lookup and those in the radius server would then authenticate in the VPN on PfSense.

    I hope this helps some…

    North Idaho Tom Jones

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