Persistence of CP logins

  • Hello,

    i have build a CP network, where users authenticate using their Active-Directory login credentials. Those are matched using the Windows NPS (RADIUS).
    The users should only login once, and never be prompted with the CP again, so i set (here i tell only fields where i CHANGED the default):

    "Interfaces" => "BYOD_NET"
    "Maximum concurrent connections" => 3 (3 devices per user is allowed)

    () RADIUS Authentication
    ) MSCHAPv2

    Now, i would expect that logins will last forever. Also, every MAC ever seen is stored in some database.
    When i reboot the pfSense, i did not see any logins under "Status -> Captive Portal -> BYOD_NET"

    Do i miss something?

  • @FeierAll:

    Do i miss something?

    MAC addresses that are added to the MAC tab are not considered as "Logged in" anymore. They have gained permanent CP access.
    Just check that that they are added to the MAC list (portal setup page) when they loggin once. The MAC tab (pages) is stored in config,  so will last after a reboot.

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