Squid SSL 3129 port woes

  • Dear All

    I am a newbie in squid ssl bumping
    Pfsense 2.2.5
    Default install

    squid 3.4.x transparent + ssl activated wit self-signed certificate works
    Loaded certificate in Firefox browser no problems

    The snag
    Now squid in non transparent mode
    Setup Firefox manual proxy
    http port 3128 works
    https port 3129 time out on any https page

    What am i doing wrong

    Thanks for any help

  • Banned

    There's no separate SSL port when the proxy is NOT transparent. Your SSL goes to port 3128.

    SSL Proxy port: This is the port the proxy server will listen on to intercept SSL while using transparent proxy.

  • Thks dokternotor

    Setup Firefox for all protocols use port 3128 and ip number proxy

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