Suricata offline rules update

  • Hi, i'm in a closed network and I need to update Suricata rules. How can I update Suricata rules without an Internet connection?

  • Right now the code is just not set up for that.  You can try manually unzipping the files into /usr/pbi/suricata-amd64/etc/suricata/rules (assuming you have a 64-bit install – if not, then replace "amd64" with "i386").  After doing this, you would need to restart Suricata on all interfaces.

    I can add a TODO item for a future update to place an offline update option on the UPDATE tab.  I maintained air-gapped networks in my old job and understand the need for such a feature.


  • thanks for your reply, I already tried that, but it didn´t work out, there are a number of configuration files that need to be updated, but I could not find  which ones and what to write

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