Reg Https Load Balancing

  • Hi
          We are using ha proxy as a load balancer in Pfsense 2.2.1 We have configured http load balancing and things are working fine as expected.But when we try to configure https and try to load balance with haproxy we are not able to do the same.

    I am not sure whether any certificate has to be installed for this ssl load balancing.It throws an error saying "Service unavailable".But necessary ports are opened and we confirmed the same by telnetting the web servers as local host.

    Also for https, is there any extra configuration needed to load balance the web servers behind them?

    Any immediate advice on the above is highly appreciable.

  • If your loadbalancing in ssl/https(tcp) mode then no certificates are needed on pfSense package.

    Check in stats that the servers are shown as 'up' ?

  • Hi PiBa
                Things are working fine with Pfsense now.

    We currently have a set up where we have two types of load balancing modes. 1. External 2. Internal

    For all the external requests we are load balancing the traffic through Pfsense and things are working fine for http and https.

    But within LAN, we have a server with haproxy installed and use that as a Internal Load Balancer.When we try to hit the load balancer with http mode we are able to establish the connection. But the same is not working with https as it is saying "server not available"

    Have attached the configuration details for https.


  • With the config as posted i would expect the servers to be 'up'..

    There seem to be missing a few things that i suspect are configured:

    • mode http
    • option httpchk

    If these assumptions are right then a few things are missing from the server lines:
    -  check-ssl ssl verify none

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