Blacklist Category

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm facing a weird issue hoping that someone can help me out with,

    under e2guardian or dansguardian i use the shallalist blacklist,

    it has a bunch of categories that's great, but the webfilter calls an extra category "ads/domains" that isn't under this blacklist.
    I commented the include line in "bannedsitelist" and "bannedurllist" but it still calls it.
    The service successfully starts only if i add a folder "ads" and a file "domains" under the blacklist folder.

    Then when the blacklist gets updated all stops again (ads folder disappears). so i have to disable the blacklist updates to be able to run the service.

    Anyone knows where i can disable the ads domains from being required ?

    here's the error log : Error reading file /usr/local/etc/e2guardian/lists/blacklists/ads/domains: No such file or directory

    Thanks a lot !

    EDIT: i found which config files are responsible, but still when i update the blacklist it resets my config, anyone knows how to prevent that ? Thanks !

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