Radius authentication for the webgui

  • Hi forum

    I’m trying to get the WebGui to authenticate users based on Radius to a Cisco ACS server.
    Sadly, it’s not working and I do think I know why it’s not working but I do not know what I can do about it.

    I’m running the newest PfSense 2.2.5 and configured the ACS as the Radius server under "User Manager" will at the parameters and shared secrets and of course the corresponding NAS in ACS.
    In the ACS server I have entered both of the IPs that is configured on the PfSense (WAN & LAN).

    When looking in the ACS log the Radius request from the PfSense does not include any usable NAS-IP. Just see attch. screenshot.
    (Ps I have also tried making a host route to the IP of the ACS but without any luck)

    Anyone have any ide how to set the source IP for Radius e.g. to the LAN IP?

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