• Hello everybody,

    I have been struggling with VPN too for a while. I have made a successful setup for road warriors and than did a site-to-site from my xp PC to Pfsense, but something must be wrong!!! Because when I ping the pfsense local net everything is OK, when I ping remote net from Pfsense - OK but!!! I cannot ping remote net from a PC on the pfsense local net.

    My setup is as follows  LAN1 ( –VPN gateway( ---tunnel--- VPN gateway( (

    I can ping from
    I can ping and from
    I CANNOT ping and from

    I shall appreciate any help! 10x in advance

    Here are my screenshots and configs

    My XP openvpn config


    port 1194
    dev tun
    dev-node byp_offices.ovpn
    proto tcp-client
    remote 1194
    ping 10
    secret shared_byp_offices.key
    #auth MD5
    cipher BF-CBC
    verb 4

    server side is with custom options: push "dhcp-option DNS";push "redirect-gateway def1";
    Please, help me find the problem. I dont want to start manually messing with the routing tables
    ![27Diagnostics_ Routing.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/27Diagnostics_ Routing.jpg_thumb)
    ![27Diagnostics_ Routing.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/27Diagnostics_ Routing.jpg)
    ![28OpenVPN_ Server_ Edi.jpg_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/28OpenVPN_ Server_ Edi.jpg_thumb)
    ![28OpenVPN_ Server_ Edi.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/28OpenVPN_ Server_ Edi.jpg)

  • The addresses you use for the first LAN and the tunnel endpoints are not real private RFC 1918 networks, I would change them to for example and  Since you're using your xp machine as the other endpoint you probably have to configure it as a router, by default windows xp won't do routing.

    Edit: push options won't work with a shared key setup in case you're wondering.

  • So, lets forget about my XP. While trying with my XP I was also trying with a Suse distro using the same settings as in the XP. The Suse is the router of the remote network I would liek to connect.

    So to accomplish my mission, I need to:

    Switch back to PKI - a road warrior setup.

    I had that setup and almost no luck with the VPN. While changing settings, the most i got is to ping the remote VPN gateway, but not the network, so no success with s2s vpn! :(

    Could it be from the RFC 1918 networks incompatibility???


    PS. I was just wondering, Can I still make ping from Pfsense network to my XP vpn gateway???

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