• I'm looking for solution to throw off clients, which over quota of time or traffic.

    wifi client ----> wifi access point -----> PfSense ----> Internet
                                                Radius server
                                                 MySQL DB

    I'm using RADIUS authentication.
    Reauthentication every minute - what problem must I expect from this scheme?
    Users - 20-30 clients.

  • The last time I try, re-authentication doesn't work because radacct.AcctSessionTime column doesn't get updated. Which means every minutes the radius try to re-auth, the radius doesn't know how long the user current session. But this is last year.

    What I use is to utilize radius Session-Timeout. But you need to uncomment certain line from service_captiveportal.php. Pfsense comment this line because it doesn't works before, but I tested and it work now.

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