[Noob] OpenVPN Throughput - Hardware needs

  • Hi together,

    i want to use my old HTPC equipped with a Pentium E5200 as a router and therefore i want to install pfSense on it. Important for me is, that my "new" router is able to ensure an OpenVPN througput of >50Mbit/s. My Internet Connection is a 100Mbit Cable Connection and via the Windows Client of my VPN provider i get 90 Mbit/s VPN speed on my Core I7-2600k.

    But i want to connect all my devices in the home network to the vpn server, so i am asking myself if the processing power of the CPU (Pentium E5200, Dualcore 2,5 Ghz) is enought?

    Thank you

  • Very likely it will be just fine.

    Another way of looking at it: what's the CPU load on your I7 Win client?

    Not exactly an apples-apples comparison, but I'd be surprised if you see an appreciable CPU load @90Mbit/s.

    The main thing that would slow down pfSense would be the introduction of a resource hungry package like Snort/Suricata.

    With a reasonable amount of memory (1GB would be a start) and the CPU you mentioned, that system should be entirely adequate  for VPN across 100Mbit cable.
    You might want to check with your VPN provider if they have any particular configuration issues w/pfSense (or perhaps search the other pfSense boards).

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