Firewall scheduling based on usage/allotment

  • I found a post regarding something similar where the user wanted to set time-blocks in the firewall.  That works…  However, we have kids who like to use Internet access.  (Who doesn't!?)  They have chores and they get paid in Internet time.  My issue is this: How does one accurately keep track of said time?  Sure, you can tell the child they have 2 hours and then set up a egg-timer on the kitchen counter.  But, nobody has time for that and you're assuming they'll use their 2 hours in one sitting!  Furthermore, who's to say they won't go sneaking a few minutes behind your back?  (We were all kids once; we all tested our fences.)

    So, is there a way to set up an alias like the one in the aforementioned post, with all their devices listed in it via their MACs, and then create a bucket of allotted time?  Once their time was used up, none of their devices would have access to the Internet until we reset their time-allotment - which could no doubt be scheduled to reset daily or weekly via cron if one chose.

    I run an open-mesh network and I have blocked-out times for their WiFi devices set up in CloudTrax.  CloudTrax even allows me to set up vouchers but I have found nothing that can do something similar for wired devices.

  • Hi @rkillcrazy,

    You could add static IP mapping to the wired device, put alias and rules and schedules on your pfSense.  And that's that! :)

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