Bug with alias URLs

  • Hello,

    we found a bug in the alias URLs that probably appeared in the last 2.2.x
    When a certificate is not valid, pfsense insert the error message into the alias file
    Alias URL name: test
    Alias URL: https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/test.txt

    [2.2.5-RELEASE][root@test-fw]/root: cat /var/db/aliastables/test.txt


    <title>400 - Bad Request</title>

    400 - Bad Request

    Which causing rules to not be loaded.
    Even worse, rules will probably not load after a reboot.
    When an error occured, alias file should probably not be updated (or at least put empty)

    Other bug: When this bug occured, applying rules gives a false result: "Done. The filter rules have been reloaded."


  • That's always been the case. The validation of fetched data is improved in 2.3 (though that reminds me I need to double check some various failure scenarios there), and the issue that makes it miss the filter load error has definitely been fixed.

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