Port forward to server over VPN tunnel

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    I've been looking to figure this out for a while, I've found a lot of information but found it uneasy to understand, either due to my knowledge level or the way it was described.

    I have relocated a server from Site A (home), to Site B (datacenter). Both sites are linked by a OpenVPN site to site tunnel, everything internal connects and works perfectly so there's no internal problems at all.

    My issue is that there are many external devices that need to communicate with this server through the WAN address of Site A, it would be extremely inconvenient to reconfigure all of those devices (vehicle trackers) as they are embedded units requiring reprogramming. How can I forward the port from Site A WAN, to the server at Site B?

    Both sites are running pfSense 2.2.5, one embedded install, one full install if it matters.

    Any advice appreciated.
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  • Ok that was quicker than before, I've been meaning to get this done for a few weeks now, looks like walking away and coming back to it another time has worked in this case.

    I found another thread which I hadn't seen last time which seems to be worded much better here: https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=58804.msg319587#msg319587

    For me, the one that may have fixed it is the following:

    Outbound NAT:                                                 
    (this first rule has Do Not NAT checked)
    If            Source          Src. ports          Dest. addr          Dest. ports          NAT Addr          NAT Port          Description
    OpenVPN  remote              *                      *                      *                    *                      *              Do Not NAT
                  network                                                                                                                            for remote subnet
                  subnet                                                                                                                              across VPN

    I'll update this tomorrow once all the devices start reporting back to the server and see how it goes, the web interface of the server is accessible from WAN A so it's looking good so far.

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  • @Derelict:


    Thanks Derelict this looks a lot easier to understand. Interestingly with my current setup (from my last post above), the TCP port 80 for the web interface works perfectly, but to the other ports is still getting 'lost' somewhere even though the rules are setup the same for each one. I'll work through your referenced post and report back my findings later on.

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