Diagnostics: Routing tables: Name resolution values are truncated.

  • pfSense v2.2.5

    Enabling Name Resolution in the Routing Table ipv4 display has the following effect

    • displays only the leftmost 18 characters of destination
    • displays only the leftmost 18 characters of gateway
    • loses the /CIDR value

    haven't been able to test the ipv6.

    Thank you.

    edit: upgrading to 2.2.6 is the same.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We print out what the OS reports.

    IIRC some additional work happened on netstat for field widths though I'm not certain this case is handled better. That just made it into 2.3 yesterday I believe, you might give the beta a try to see if it works there for your case.

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