FTP Client Proxy Package - problem with firewall on port 21

  • Firstly, thanks for the package and great work.

    Second, I've noticed some strange behaviour.

    I have firewall rules defined for Server X, e.g.: incoming to ports 80/443/etc and there's no firewall rule for port 21 -> it's blocked. On Server X ftp client exists and with ftp client proxy package enabled I can connect to the same even though there is no such thing defined in firewall itself (GUI).

    I've tried disabling option "Check this box to move the automatically added FTP rules higher in the ruleset to bypass explicit blocks. Helps allow passive FTP to arbitrary destinations, but FTP will always be allowed outbound when checked." and putting block rule on top of all rules for connections to Server on port 21 -> this traffic passes by. When I disable FTP proxy client traffic is blocked and everything is working as expected.


  • Anyone can help on this?

  • Same issue here. The FTP proxy works perfectly fine on its own, but I can't control it using firewall rules. It seems like there is a hidden floating rule that allows al LAN clients to use the proxy. I want to explicitly allow specific FTP sites through regular firewall rules ideally. Even if I put in a rule on top or even a floating rule to drop ALL ftp traffic from anywhere to anywhere, clients can still connect. So where does FTP Proxy put its rules and where to modify / replace them, or get them visible in the GUI?

  • Hi,
    does a fix for this issue exist?
    I am facing the same. How can we control, which local ip can access the ftp client proxy?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    does a fix for this issue exist?

    Stop using FTP?

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