Captive portal opt1 wlan dhcp issues

  • First, PFsense is great!!!
    I am using the lateset build from RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT_04-03-2006.
    I am running it on a nokia ip220. So i have three nics WAN, LAN, and OPT1.

    I currently have WAN and LAN setup and running fine.  If I enable the opt1 port, give it a static ip and enable dhcp any new pc or device that plugs into the lan side will get the 10.x.x.x ip?  I want to have two dhcp servers running, one for the Lan and one for opt1.  i have enabled captive portal on the opt1 interface and it works great.  I will be using this port for wifi access.  I have a AP plugged into this port and let it get an ip.  I don't understand why the dhcp server is giving my lan interfaces the 10.x.x.x ip's.

    So basicly i want to have this set up:
    WAN –> internet
    LAN -->192.168.x.x running dhcp
    OPT1 -->10.10.x.x running dhcp and captive portal, i just want to give wifi access on this interface and pass them through to the internet so they can't access my local network.

    is this possible without the LAN computers getting the 10.10.x.x ip's  ?


  • Well, seems like the newest firmware fixed my issue.  4-06-06 firmware
    Andy Morris

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