PfSense VM Setup in HyperV, Basic Questions

  • So I'm new to PFSense, and have a couple questions. My proposed setup will be used only for a small home network. I already the server hardware, but want to make sure I have the fundamentals right before assembling everything into the rack. But before I jump into my main questions, is there anyone that can look at the attached diagram and tell me if this will work, as drawn?

    No sense in asking questions if the pictures aren't right  ;)


  • In your proposed configuration, external traffic from the modem is not firewalled and can access all LAN hosts. Physical NIC 1 shouldn't connect to the same virtual switch as the other VMs and internal LAN. Instead it should connect directly to the pfSense VM through a separate virtual switch which is isolated from the host so that all external traffic from the modem must pass through the pfSense VM.

  • Thanks Kesawi! That is exactly the kind of review I needed. Thanks again!

  • I agree with kesawi's assessment. The only thing I would add is that you could save one switch port (and one host NIC interface) by having the vswitch that NIC2 is part of shared with the host instead of forcing traffic between the host and your VMs to go through your physical switch.

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