Date-time stamp of pfSense 2.3 package

  • On upgrade this sort of list of packages is typically shown:

    Installed packages to be UPGRADED:
            pfSense-rc: 2.3.a.20160104.1329 -> 2.3.a.20160105.0829 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense-kernel-pfSense: 2.3.a.20160104.1329 -> 2.3.a.20160105.0829 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense-default-config-serial: 2.3.a.20160104.1329 -> 2.3.a.20160105.0829 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense-base-nanobsd: 2.3.a.20160104.1329 -> 2.3.a.20160105.0829 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense: 2.3.a.20160104.1003 -> 2.3.a.20160105.0522 [pfSense]

    The first ones have the same date-time stamp like "20160105.0829" above. Then the last one (which I think is just a tiny little "dummy" package that gets bumped whenever anything else changes) gets an earlier date-time stamp.

    Is there some timezone difference or?? happening here between where/how the real packages are built and that last one?

    It does not seem to cause a problem, but my OCD wants to know why it happens like that :)

    Here is the latest list with similar feature:

    Installed packages to be UPGRADED:
            pfSense-rc: 2.3.a.20160105.0829 -> 2.3.b.20160105.2236 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense-kernel-pfSense: 2.3.a.20160105.0829 -> 2.3.b.20160105.2236 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense-default-config-serial: 2.3.a.20160105.0829 -> 2.3.b.20160105.2236 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense-base-nanobsd: 2.3.a.20160105.0829 -> 2.3.b.20160105.2236 [pfSense-core]
            pfSense: 2.3.a.20160105.0522 -> 2.3.b.20160105.1318 [pfSense]

  • Developer Netgate Administrator

    It's expected to happen since pfSense and pfSense-core repositories are not built at the same time. Build process happens in 2 steps

    1. poudriere builds all packages for pfSense repo
    2. build scripts from main pfSense repo builds pfSense-core packages

    #1 must happen first because #2 uses binary packages provided by #1 during build process.

    I know the pfSense build is still over complicated, but we improved it a lot in 2.3 and we will make it still simpler in the future

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