• Hello,

    Today I've upgraded my pfSense box from 2.2.5 to latest 2.3-BETA. The Bind package is not on the list in Available Packages anymore.

    Is it a sad mistake or team have decided to drop it? If so then what server will replace it?


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    See one of the several other threads (stickies included) about packages for details.

  • Hello, jimp;

    If you don't mind I'd like to copy-paste your answer here to save some precious time of visitors of this thread:

    Jim Pingle wrote:
    We are focusing on the packages we support for the initial release. After 2.3-RELEASE is out others may come back, but we haven't officially decided to drop any of them specifically. Converting the packages is a significant chunk of work and we wanted to be sure the most important ones were finished so we were not overburdened/spread thin with the extra technical debt. There are some more recent threads on the forum that are better places to discuss the topic.

    I'm worried about this part of your answer: "may come back". Basically speaking, there is no estimation or even plans to bring bind package to 2.3 branch? or bind can never come back due to various causes?

    If the answer will be like "atm bind is not even on tertiary list to be the part of 2.3" then do you/pfSense team have any plans to backport some nasty bugfixes into 2.2 branch?


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    If someone wants to submit a PR to fix code in the 2.2.x package, that's fine. Though binary updates at this point are questionable.

    We have no plans to do anything with the package on 2.3 directly; We did not create nor maintain the bind package ourselves, so it's unlikely we will be putting any of our own effort into doing anything with it on 2.3. The package was always a community submission, so the work to bring it 2.3, if it is going to be there, would have to be done by the community as it was before.