Destination server IP ?

  • Hello,

    What is the neatest way to find out destination servers IP ?

    To date I have used windows command line nslookup command, but I find it rather shallow. For example I have tried to limit the bandwidth to big sites like facebook and youtube which use multitude different IP:s. With the nslookup and tracing the trafic with shell pftop I can find out some of the addresses, but its quite cumbersome. For example youtube uses plethora of servers and I have blocked em with whole network blocking aliases, but some seem to evade me constantly.

    I used the search and read half way through this sub forum, but did not find a direct answer. Anyways from some older threads I got the feeling that I should pursue this matter with a proxy like Squid. What do you think?


    Installed Squid, it seems more reasonable way to block big sites than using plain PFsense firewall rules.

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