Beta issues (05/01/2015)

  • I've only been using the Alpha for a few days, and was running snapshot 31/12/2015, and have now updated to the beta.

    There are some issues with the beta that I didn't have with the alpha.

    First, annoying alpha issues:

    APU 1D, 8GB Kingston SDHC: R/W -> RO transition takes about 6 minutes, making anything that requires it very slow. I can mostly work around this by setting R/W mode, but 6 minutes seems a little excessive.

    Alix 2D3, 4GB Kingston CF: R/W ->  RO transition takes around a minute.

    Now, I know why these happen and have been working around them (although when I forget, the APU takes an age to save).

    So, today I've updated to the beta with the APU, which has some new issues:

    1. Web console was inaccessible for around 25 minutes after first boot, along with SSH. I assume this is due to multiple R/W transitions, however all I get now is nginx "504 gateway timeout" for these 25 minutes.

    2. APU powerd no longer works (it did in 2.2.6):

    /system_advanced_misc.php: The command '/usr/sbin/powerd -b hadp -a hadp -n hadp' returned exit code '69', the output was 'powerd: no cpufreq(4) support – aborting: No such file or directory'

    I assume something has gone missing?

    Feedback welcome from anyone else with APUs with SDHC cards about R/W transition times.

    Edit: I'm not sure if powerd has worked in the Alpha, I know it was working in 2.2.6, but may have just assumed it was still working in the Alpha without looking.

  • Netgate

    your best course of action is to open bugs for these on

  • The slow rw->ro mount times are the same as in recent versions after removal of forcesync patch. For drives that are slow there, keep it permanently rw mounted. Noted here, search forcesync.

    The powerd issue, I posted a workaround in the bug ticket.

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