PFsense issue blocking all traffic using LAN Rules

  • Setup

    Squid -WPAD-NON transparent
    SNort -

    Issue is i am unable to block all traffic using LAN Rule

    pic attached

    for showing even after blocking my IP i am able to PING to google DNS , but webtraffic stoped , so i was thinking if mobile users can bypasss firewall by using different applications  ( Since Even when i did block fully Source (MY IP ) to Destination ( ANY ) my PC was able to PING to WAN

    kindly help to solve , thank you

    edit - i tried blocking a mobile user also using source ALias (Alias PIC attached) local ip and destination -ANY
    still That IP is able to download /Watch video

  • if the above statement is true is there any way to killstate and block traffic instant when rule is created

  • An easy way to verify if the above is true, is to try it.

    Manually after creating a rule you can go into Diagnostics, States (the show summary one) and hit the reset states that is there.

    Or you could stop and start the firewall after adding new rules (Some people prefer to do this instead of resetting states to ensure they are at a known starting point).

    Don't forget that Rule order is important:  in the WebGUI, first match wins (like the hint says on the web page).

  • Try changing the destination in your block rules on the LAN interface from WAN Net to Not LAN Net. My understanding is that the WAN Net address range only includes the subnet that your WAN is connected to, not the entire internet.

  • thank you state killing done the job , thank you

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