Problem hostname resolving on lan site over ovpn connection

  • hi,

    i've succesfully configured an ovpn connection but have problems to resolve the hostname of the servers on the lan site:

    openvpn server:
    udp 1194
    tunnel network
    lan network
    dns servers

    lan server with static configured ip:
    hostname "fileserver"
    static ip
    dns server

    now it is not possible to ping the lan server with hostname:
    ping fileserver -> unkown host

    only after i've activated dns forwarder service in pfsense and added an entry in "host overrides" i could succesfully ping the hostname:
    Host         Domain IP                   Description
    fileserver mydomin   hostname fileserver
    ping fileserver -> response ok

    now my question is, what is the right way to configure pfsense that manual configured servers with static ip on the lan can also be forwarded over an ovpn connection by its hostname?

    i'm not sure if my solution is the absolute right configuration and would be happy if someone could clarify the issue more precisely how to do the things normally or have an alternative solution.



  • You need some sort of working dns setup. Either on a separate system or using pfsense dns services

  • thank you.

    first when configuring the lan server over dhcp its hostname appears correctly in the pfsense menu Status -> DHCP leases and you can ping the hostname correctly.

    only if i configure a static ip for the lan server network it is shown only in the menu Diagnostic -> ARP Table but not under the DHCP leases.

    so what to do to setup the dns service that it also can resolve the hostnames from the connected servers showed in the ARP Tables? where and how to configure the dns service for lan in pfsense, like you said?

    at the moment my above mentioned solution works fine but if there is a way to automatically resolve manually configured lan networks please give me a further tip.


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