Connect from pfSense via OpenVPN to other pfSense

  • Hello,

    i want to provide Internet for users on a remote network. This is connected through private WAN-Routers to our main-location.
    At our main location, we have a pfSense as Internet-Access-Firwall and captive Portal.
    My idea was to install another pfSense at the remote location and tunnel outgoing traffic through openVPN to the main pfSense, where it gets forwarded to the internet.
    (please note: i have no access to "fireA" for establishing an VPN. It must be done by connecting both pfSenses) Using a tunnel will prevent internet-traffic to break-out while getting forwardet through the intranet/wan.

    How do i configure this? Or is it the wrong way to do it?

  • I would try out to set up the device named firewall (behind the Internet connection) to be acting as a traffic
    shaper and then behind them the other firewalls named pfSense a & b could act as real firewalls with NAT
    and also VPN connections.

  • Hallo Frank :-)

    i can't change anything of the firewall. Also the network is as it is.
    My goal was to just establish a VPN-Tunnel from WAN-Interface of "pfsense B" to LAN-Interface of "pfsense A", which are both in the inner (trusted) network.
    I missed to draw the "LAN" Interface on "pfsense A", which may mislead you… Also the "WAN"-Interface of "pfsense A" is not drawn, which is connected to "Firewall".

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