• After a week or so of trying to find a software firewall distribution that had support for multiple WAN connections I stumbled across pfSense.  I was a little bit worried about since the software is still Beta 2 if it would handel 200 people at the LAN Party with different games/ports going over different WAN connections.

    I am happy to say pfSense works flawlessly!  Firewall rules could be a bit clearer, with the abilty to add port ranges to the alias' for ports (it may alraedy do this but I didnt have a lot of time to get it setup).  Would also be nice to add a speed cap to the interface without having to run traffic shaping per protocol.

    Keep up the great work!

  • capping a person's speed can be done in other ways as well, where I am we have throttled the switch ports to 6% on a 100meg link which makes everything usable but prevents them from downloading at multi-meg speeds