2.3 WebUI looks excellent

  • I know this is vague, but I'm very impressed by the new WebUI in 2.3. I fired it up as a VM under ESXi, and have set it up as a gateway for my own use (so I won't break the wife and kid's access), and it seems great. Keep up the great work, folks!

  • Plus one, it does not only look great but it also feels great ;) Most Responsive Design Websites I visit seem to miss the responsive part. 2.3 does not only look/work great on iPad/iPhone, it's blazing fast, too.
    Many thanks to everyone involved!

  • To add to the positive feedback, the new UI, besides looking great, behaves wonderfully on portable devices. I have used it on an iPad 2 (Safari), Sero 7 Pro (Chrome) even on my Galaxy S5 (under Chrome in landscape mode) and it all works great. Its great to have a pad besides you while you're streaming Netflix etc… so you can correlate bit rates to actual quality on screen. Job well done folks.


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