Configure Pfsense to get information from WLAN Controller

  • Hello my friends ,
    i am using a captive portal on my Wlan network .
    i need to let Pfsense talks to my wlan controller , either via snmp or zabbix ,  to gather all information and data about APs and Clients , and may be do some actions on the APs like restart them or shutdown them  .
    is it possible  to do it ? do you have any idea how to start doing it ?

    because i am using snmp for the first time , and as i understood so far , snmp on Pfsense enable other network devices to get information from the pfsense , isnt it ? the question is, can i do it on the opposite direction , in such a way that Pfsense gets snmp nformation from the others , if yes , where i can find or see these gathered information on Pfsense ?

    thanks for your clarifying and answers.

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