Traffic graph reporting

  • If I go to Status > Traffic Graph, the graphs don't appear to be properly populating host section.  For instance, I'm looking at my VLAN_10 - the traffic graph itself shows ~2Mbit/sec of inbound traffic, however when I look in the hosts field, it shows two hosts that are using less than 10Kbit/piece.  I know the IP of the host that should be utilizing the majority of that bandwidth right now, and it doesn't even show up.

    I know in earlier builds the host section was populating correctly, so I'm not sure when this broke/why it broke.

  • I just checked on my system, but it does not have VLANs. Traffic graph and hosts table both working fine. I Gitsynced to the latest code, still good. Then I did an upgrade to get the latest binaries also, still good.
    So it is not a really general issue.
    Note also that the hosts table is done by taking quite short samples of the traffic. So if the traffic is a bit bursty as it is seen through the network stack then the figures in the host table can jump around a lot, specially when the speed is relatively slow. In comparison the traffic graph is a more steady sample of total throughput.

  • Yeah it`s IPv6 issue.

    Screenshot traffic1 shows just that. Ipv6 host is not shown on graph but traffic is counted.
    Screenshot traffic2 no IPv6 works just fine.

    Vlan enviroment…


  • Yeah 'rate' doesn't show IPv6 traffic, that's to be expected (for now at least). The counters the actual graph pulls from show everything.

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