Multisite Update Management Package [Base: $500]

  • Hello Devs,

    I'm hoping someone could shed some light onto the possibility of having a central pfsense management server "package" to monitor remote site versions and package updates.  I know that the packages are handled individually, but currently I can see the update status with the packages dashboard widget - I'm thinking this information could be queried remotely and displayed with an associated server hostname.

    Here's a very basic jist of what I want.

    Primary Server Dashboard Widget

    ChicagoEdge1 - Platform: Current,  Packages: 1 Update Available
    ChicagoEdge2 - Platform:Update Available, Packages: Current
    NYEdge1 - Platform: Current,  Packages: Current
    NYEdge2 - Platform: Current,  Packages: 3 Updates Available

    • If it were able to display the package names/versions needing updates that would be ideal. However I'd love to just have a dashboard view of all my remote sites and their package status.

    Roadmap Considerations:  Assuming this project was implemented, it would be great to deploy updates remotely with one button - basically triggering the available updates to run in order one at a time and optionally reboot afterwards (also having this set to run during a preset maintenance window would be golden).  Just something to think about.  If someone includes this into the project as well I'll double the price to $1,000.00

    If you have any questions feel free to let me know.

  • I have user, rules and package sincronizations working on 2.2

  • You have what? How?

  • One thing I'll mention is many of the sites I manage are for different clients so synchronization from my company to theirs wouldn't be used in my specific situation, however for the clients setup it would be awesome.  :)

  • This would be a great tool…..Kinda sounds like pfCenter that I heard talked about a couple of years ago...In fact, they just put up a poll asking if people would be interested in centralized management.  We'd be willing to contribute to a centralized management platform....I'm sure I could dig up 1 or 2 grand for the right project.

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