The WebGUI slow down the LAN

  • Hello

    I have the following configuration :

    1 Pretium 4 Computer with 256 MB memory and 2 3com NIC using for pfsense
    version RELENG_1_SNAPSHOT_04-06-2006

    2 Computer behind the LAN connected to pfsense (wired and not wirless)

    Today, I had a 4 GB DVD iso file on one of the computer and
    used my other computer to watch that dvd.

    However, I noticed this strange behavior, Whenever I pressed any menu
    on pfsense for looking on different section of pfsense, my DVd froze for .6 second
    before it continue.
    It looked liked some kind if disruption on the LAN side.

    Is this normal behavior ?

  • Computers on your local LAN should not even be using the firewall to route.

    They talk directly.

    So I would say that your problem is most likely not related and if it is, you have a configuration issue in how you subnetted everything out.

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