When will 2.3 branch off from master ?

  • would like to  create a CP theme thingy, so people can easily import them. as 2.3 is feature-locked this i a no-can-do/try at this point.

    if the devs never want this to be added to base, i might consider making a pkg for it … but personally i see this as a nice addition for base.
    perhaps some "official' themes could be stored on the wiki/website / other themes could be shares over the forum.

    If there is zero intrest in this or if it is deemed a bad/useless idea, then i won't bother giving this a try.
    also wish to time it right so the PR doesn't have to stay in queue for months  and redoing it a couple of times to fix a dozen merge conflicts ,)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    We'll likely branch 2.3 once it hits RC stage.

    Major new features are a no-no now that it's Beta, but consider it more of a feature slush than a solid freeze since minor things can still get by if they are deemed beneficial.

    Once we branch off then master will be open for larger changes again.

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