Guidance needed on OpenVPN setup

  • Hi all.  I put together a pfSense box months ago but have only just got around to setting it up (my "Plug and Play" router has started giving me problems, so thought it was time to bite the bullet).

    Everything is all up and running nicely; configured the DHCP, added some static IPs, and have also setup a DDNS so I can access my server's docker apps from outside the network.  VPN however is confusing the hell out of me.

    My newsgroup provider offers VPN as part of my package, which I'm currently using on my Mac to bypass my ISPs rules (blocked sites etc).  Currently, I just connect to the VPN when I need to access something (like, for example, IPTorrents or US Netflix), then disconnect when I'm done.  I'd like to automate this process on the pfSense box, only using the VPN for certain sites, with the rest of the traffic coming in normally.  However, setting it all up is my main problem.  I've read a couple of guides on how to do this with other VPN providers, but unfortunately can't seem to adapt the guides for my own setup.  Newshosting does give instructions on how to perform a manual setup, but only for Windows/Mac/DD-WRT/Tomato.  Again, I tried adapting their guides to work with pfSense, but I'm sure there's some info I'm missing.

    I'm wondering if any of you kind souls could take a look at the Newshosting instructions ( and see if it's even possible to set this up?  Like I said, I'm not sure if they provide all the necessary details to get it running on pfSense…if they do, it's the slight difference in terminology that's messing with my head.  I have the VPN connection running on my Mac, but setting that up was just a case of configuring a couple of settings.  VPN on pfSense seems like a different beast.

    Thanks guys.

  • Hey riggs

    I had many frustrating hours with the same problem the below guide helped me finally get the VPN working.

  • @Jas:

    Hey riggs

    I had many frustrating hours with the same problem the below guide helped me finally get the VPN working.

    Had a quick skim through and it appears to be exactly what I need!  A nice detailed guide explaining things along the way.  Thanks for that :-)

    All traffic is now coming in via the VPN.  Fantastic!  That's the first step…now just gotta figure out how to direct only certain traffic.

    Ok, not sure what I've done but it seems my traffic is now passing through both the regular WAN IP and the VPN at the same time.  E.g. if I lookup my IP address (ipchicken) it give me my ISPs IP.  However, I'm still able to access blocked sites (iptorrents/ etc) no problem.

    I checked the list of files I'm uploading on a torrent website and it's listing 2 copies of each torrent; one using my ISPs IP and the other using the VPN IP.

  • Is it possible to upload the configuration setting that worked for you  ?

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