Squid + SSL + WPAD

  • Hello!

    I've setup Squid and used my DHCP server with WPAD to send the config to the clients. The whole thing seems to be working as I'm getting "CONNECT" entries for https on the logs. I did all this thinking to cache SSL traffic (which is quite a huge part of my traffic, and nowadays websites are using it more and more) but then I just realise that you can't actually cache SSL traffic as it's encrypted.

    I also experienced that pfBlockerNG was blocking more content because it was able to get the URL of the tunnel, this wasn't my initial point but is a nice to have (some things would need tweaking, for example Youtube video ads wasn't loading so I couldn't load the actual video either).

    So, aside from the URL filtering… and considering you can't cache SSL traffic (right?), is there something else that would be interesting to do with this setup?


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