I think OpenVPN Server locked me out of the WebGUI

  • We recently picked up two SG-2440 units to run an IPSec VPN tunnel between our office and Data Center. It has been working great. Today I installed an OpenVPN Server to evaluate the capability and see if it can replace our aging Fortinet solution.

    Shortly after configuring the OpenVPN Server I find myself locked out of the webGUI. The firewall is still responding to pings and still routing the IPSec traffic. I suspect this is due to generating a new server certificate and either invalidating the old certificate, or the webGUI automatically using this new certificate.

    Is this behavior that anyone has seen? Any tips? I don't have HTTP or SSH enabled, and didn't buy the console cable with the unit, so I'm thinking I'm going to have to procure a console cable and reset the configurator from the console.


    I procured a USB A to Mini B cable and was able to login to my device over the serial connection. Simply restarting the Web configurator fixed the issue. I will definitely leave SSH enabled on these boxes so that I don't have to spend a trip to the Data Center to reset it.

    I have another identical box, and I'll setup OpenVPN on that box as well to see if I can't recreate the issue. But there was nothing wrong with the SSL certificate for HTTPS.

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